Ladies and gentlemen! We, at MobiKwik, think that cashbacks have become passé and the time has come to introduce new measures to provide bigger and better benefits to everyone. To that, we introduce SuperCash, the new way to earn, transact & save on MobiKwik.
Why can't I see SuperCash on the MobiKwik app?
In order to experience the magic of SuperCash, please download the latest version of MobiKwik's android app from Google Play Store and Apple App store
How is SuperCash different from normal cashback?
SuperCash is way bigger & better than your normal cashback. Previously, the cashback in your wallet was only utilized when all other sources of funds were consumed. Now, you use 10% of SuperCash on every transaction.

For instance, you have Rs.200 as available balance & Rs.150 as SuperCash in your wallet. Now, while making a transaction of Rs.100, you use 10% of your total SuperCash available i.e. Rs.15. Here is a tabular representation:

Available Balance200
SuperCash in wallet150
Transaction amount100
Old cashback consumed0
SuperCash consumed
[10% of your SuperCash balance]
Available Balance SuperCash in wallet Transaction amount Old cashback consumed SuperCash consumed
[10% of your SuperCash balance]
200 150 100 0 15
To use SuperCash for recharge & bill payments, the minimum transaction amount should be ₹100.
How do I earn SuperCash?
The process of earning SuperCash will be same as old cashback. Each offer/promo code/ coupon code will have an associated amount of SuperCash with it that you will receive. Upon using that offer/code, the respective SuperCash will be credited to your MobiKwik wallet.
How do I use SuperCash?

You actually don’t - we use it automatically for you! You can use 10% of your total SuperCash amount in every payment you make with MobiKwik. For example, you purchased a product on Myntra worth Rs. 1000 and you have Rs. 400 SuperCash in your wallet, then you will pay only Rs. 960 from your wallet balance and Rs. 40 would be used from your SuperCash balance. Fantastic, right?

To use SuperCash for recharge & bill payments, the minimum transaction amount should be ₹100.
What else? I am sure there are some vague & mysterious Terms & Conditions associated with SuperCash, right?
WRONG! It’s actually the opposite! We’ve intentionally kept it super simple to operate & understand.
  • 10% of your available SuperCash balance will be used in every transaction.
  • Your SuperCash expires 45 days after the end of the calendar month in which you received SuperCash. For example: If you received SuperCash 3 times in the month of January (say on Jan 1, Jan 15 & Jan 31), all of the SuperCash expires on March 15, 2017, unless utilized before that.
How do I check my SuperCash balance & validity?
See below. You can just click on the dropdown option underneath the wallet balance on the home screen to check the total amount of SuperCash in your wallet. And just by clicking on statement you can check the validity of the SuperCash received.
What will happen to my previous wallet balance & cashback amount?
Nothing happens to those! Your previous wallet balance, cashback credited etc remain intact. Also, the 10% usage rule does not apply to your existing cashback.
Will my redeemed loyalty points or any other amount expire?
Absolutely not! Other than SuperCash, nothing expires.
Can I transfer SuperCash to other MobiKwik wallets or a bank account?
Sorry! You cannot transfer SuperCash to another wallet or to a bank account. You can use it everywhere else – to do a prepaid recharge, pay your post-paid or utility bill, pay at online/offline merchants etc.
Which month’s SuperCash will be used first?
In order to benefit you, we have designed the SuperCash to be used in the FIFO – First In First, Out - format. The SuperCash you receive in January gets used before the SuperCash you received in February.

Go on, take your SuperCash out for a spin!