Ladies and gentlemen! We, at MobiKwik, think that cashback have become passé and the time has come to introduce new measures to provide bigger and better benefits to everyone. To that, we introduce SuperCash, the new way to earn, transact & save on MobiKwik.
What’s new with SuperCash?

We have made the SuperCash rules quite simple and more beneficial for all the users! Now you can use flat 5% SuperCash of the transaction amount, instead of the SuperCash balance (please refer to 'How SuperCash works?' for detailed explanation)

Earn much more SuperCash than ever before and you can save flat 5% of the transaction value on top brands/local stores along with recharges and bill payments, basis the specific offer on the category.

Earning and using SuperCash is now more personalized to enhance your experience. If you have accumulated SuperCash balance then Using SuperCash gets prioritized for you to enjoy immediate benefit.

How SuperCash works?

SuperCash is a way of ensuring that you get a discount on each transaction. SuperCash works on the same lines as cashback, only difference being it gives you 5% discount on every transaction.

For instance, you have ₹10,000 as available balance & ₹600 as SuperCash in your wallet. Now, while making a transaction of ₹5,000, you use 5% of your total transaction value i.e. ₹250. Here is a tabular representation:

Available Balance₹10,000
SuperCash in wallet₹600
Transaction amount₹5,000
Old cashback consumed0
SuperCash consumed
[5% of your transaction value]
Available Balance SuperCash in wallet Transaction amount Old cashback consumed SuperCash consumed
[5% of your transaction value]
₹10,000 ₹600 ₹5,000 0 ₹250
How do I earn SuperCash?
Offers/promo codes/ coupons can be used to earn SuperCash, which is automatically credited in your wallet basis the specific T&C of the offer. You can add SuperCash with help of coupon codes on redeem voucher page. In one transaction, you can either
  • Earn new SuperCash or
  • Use the existing SuperCash.
How and where can I use SuperCash?

SuperCash can be used across different categories mentioned in the app. You can get up to 5% discount (up to ₹1000 in a single transaction) using SuperCash. In other words, up to 5% of the transaction amount will be deducted from your SuperCash balance. On platforms where you pay your bills or premiums such as PSPCL, DGVCL, Tikona, ICICI Prudential and others, 5% (up to ₹35) of transaction amount will be used from your SuperCash balance on a minimum transaction amount of ₹500. You can use up to ₹100 SuperCash on Recharge & Bill Payments category (max ₹35 per month on electricity bill payment) in a calendar month. Up to 5% SuperCash can be used on the purchase of MobiKwik Gift Cards.

You can use SuperCash in 5 transactions a day and 100 transactions (maximum ₹1000 SuperCash) in a calendar month if you have completed KYC with OTP verification (eKYC). Users who have submitted details without OTP verification (minimum KYC) can use up to ₹100 SuperCash.

Users cannot use SuperCash more than once in a day on a single sub-category from Recharge and Bill Payments (like prepaid mobile, postpaid mobile, DTH recharge, water bill and others). For example, if you have used SuperCash today on postpaid mobile bill payment, you will not be able to use it again on another postpaid mobile bill payment today. But you can still use SuperCash for other Recharge and Bill payments like DTH recharge, electricity payment etc. on the same day.

Note that users can use SuperCash 3 times in a day, on a single merchant (Grofers, IRCTC, Myntra, petrol pumps, and others) unless otherwise specified in respective T&C on the offer page.

The option to use SuperCash on Credit Card bill payments is currently not available. SuperCash usage is not applicable for a transaction where Free Money or Bajaj Insta Credit Money is being used.

Is there any minimum transaction limit to use SuperCash?
Minimum transaction limit for using SuperCash on top brands and local stores are basis the specific offer on the category. There is no minimum transaction limit for Recharge & Bill Payments category (like prepaid mobile, post paid mobile, DTH recharge, water bill, etc.).
Why am I not able to see SuperCash earn coupons?

Earning and using SuperCash is now more personalized to enhance your experience. If you have accumulated SuperCash balance then Using SuperCash gets prioritized for you to enjoy immediate benefit.

How do I check my SuperCash balance & validity?
See below. You can just click on the dropdown option underneath the wallet balance on the home screen to check the total amount of SuperCash in your wallet. And just by clicking on statement you can check the validity of the SuperCash received.
Will my redeemed loyalty points or any other amount expire?
Absolutely not! Other than SuperCash, nothing expires.
Can I transfer SuperCash to other MobiKwik wallets or a bank account?
Sorry! You cannot transfer SuperCash to another wallet or to a bank account. You can use it everywhere on MobiKwik for all transactions.
When does my earned SuperCash expire?

You can use your SuperCash to shop on your favorite brands, pay bills & more within 3 months of earning.